This page is still in the works, but will eventually be the web home for the Kendall family. Mara & Aurra's pages are up and running. Click their names to view their pages. Boba Ferret even has his own album.

These pages will chronicle our adventures through life & maybe someday there might be pictures of Anjie & Travis... Just maybe.

Until then why don't you sit down with a copy of Tales from a Draconian Shore, written by Anjie and available for purchase from

I've returned from Seattle... barely. I had a miserable cold the entire trip and didn't get to enjoy myself fully. I did get to spend some great time with Micah and his wife Amy. They were great hosts (even though she is Canadian).

Since I felt so crummy I didn't take a lot of pictures, those that I did get are here here.

They start out with Micah getting a hair cut (love the smock), then the first night we went to the Public Market (it was closing as we got there) then we went to XXX (it is a root beer stand not a porn shop) and Micah and I each got a XXX burger. As you can see this thing is HUGE. Then we have some pictures of the public market when it is open (that was Saturday and my sickest). Then we move on to the space needle.

I guess it has been a while since I updated this, in this time Aleister was born, I got a new job and Anjie got out of her contract with her craptastic publishing company.

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